Post-Frame vs. Steel Frame

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A common question that people have that are in the market for a new building is what are the major differences to be aware of when choosing between a Wood Frame Building and a Steel Frame Building? First I want to say that a single piece of steel is stronger than a single piece of wood. Its important to note that when you combine all of the pieces of a steel building and all of the pieces of a Post-Frame Building the wood frame building is arguable stronger as a complete unit than the Steel Building.  If you need a building in excess of 80 ft. wide clear span you should lean toward Steel Frame. Beyond the need for a building over 80 ft. wide, Post-Frame offers for a more aesthetically pleasing, energy efficient and affordable building than Steel Frame. Post-Frame also offers a variety of footing options to fit the land conditions where the building will be constructed. Both Steel Frame and Post-Frame offer Metal Wall and Roof Steel as standard exterior cladding and can utilize other Roofing and Siding types. Regardless of which you choose it is imperative that you purchase an engineered structure. At Suburban Buildings we offer a pre-engineered Post-Frame Building that exceeds most local building codes.